A number of Grass Snakes have been spotted in the reserve, and in an effort to support this increasingly rare species, we have started building compost heaps around the reserve in an effort to provide over-wintering shelter, and also breeding environments, and also we have put down a number of roofing-felt mats, which again afford some shelter to the snakes, allow them to warm up quickly in the sunshine, and also allow us to have a better chance of seeing them and monitoring their status.

The table below shows is a record of what we have seen under the mats.


Mat Surveys 2012        
Date Orchard Derek Slade Pond 1 Pond 2 Pond 3
16/06/2012 Common Lizard       4 small Grass Snakes
23/06/2012       1 small Grass Snake 2 small Grass Snakes
11/07/2012 Vole     Woodmouse 1 small Grass Snake
14/07/2012 Vole        

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